Unlimited revisions of a design

Our priority is, that cooperation with us must be comfortable and effective for you. Therefore, we decided to provide unlimited revisions of design on all our works. So, as a customer, you have the right for unlimited revisions of design, where it is not necessary for high-end technical development (web and mobile apps). Unlimited revisions for design applies on all standard works, except high-end technical work orders, where it is necessary, approve all the elements.

Thanks to the unlimited revisions of design you will get 2 certainty

1. You will pay only a pre-agreed amount and nothing extra.
2. Thanks to the unlimited revisions of design, we can do for example 10x changes before we get to the ideal look of your preferences.

Our motivation for this decisions

Imagine, that you have an order in standard web design agency and in a month you have a meeting, where you can see a result of work – but it’s not what you expected, you just imagined it differently like different colors or shapes. Simply, you have the feeling that web designer doesn’t understand you. So, you won’t start from the bottom again and try to look at next drafts but there is a problem, that agency will charge you of additional fee for next revision. But this fee is out of your budget which you have specified for this work. This is very uncomfortable for the client and it does not create a good atmosphere between client and agency. Trust is one of the most important things during website creation.

We want to be the reliable business partner

We believe, that this benefit will achieve every client so that the client can rely on our work. After 4-years experience with unlimited revisions of design, we met up to the maximum of 5x revision. The Usual number of revisions is from zero to two for 80% orders.