Web Consultant

Web consultant or personal manager for your project is one of the most important element in every order. Web consultant ensures all communication between the client and coordinates a whole technical team, which are working on a project. So, the client has an advantage, that he speak only with one person during the project and he cannot constantly explain something to someone about the project.

Why we create a web consultant?

Do you know what the worst can happen during website creation? When everything you have to solve with someone, who doesn’t have any experience with business, marketing and he doesn’t have any general overview in trends. This is exactly happening when you are dealing with the creation of a website with an IT worker. Therefore, we create web consultant to make it easier to communicate between the client and us.

Essentially, it is nothing bad that IT worker leads the project, but he simply does not understand, how to business. He only knows, how to write a good code, not how to run a business. Web consultant is focused on the most important questions like what is the main purpose of the website? Is the goal of increasing your sells or better communicate your product information and get more attention? These goals have to be defined by a businessman, not by IT worker.