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Crypviz - Webfusion
Logo Design, Web Design


Cryptocurrency market overview website

The Crypviz.io is focused on people, who have a basic knowledge of blockchain technology and they simply need to know, what does it mean the main crypto terms. The purpose of Crypviz is introducing new traders into main crypto coins with general technical advantages and disadvantages. We tried, that each statement in profile coin is supported by an accurate source of information. Everything is designed to make it easy and clear to understand.

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First step – Logo, Which Will Reflect Identity of Company

Logo Design

When we created the draft of logo design, our priority was to keep logo maximal simple and easy to remember for everyone.

Crypviz logo mockup

Second step – Creating a layout of website

Web design and texts

A whole website is designed to maximal simplicity and clarity. In the same way, we created copywriting, which is very simple and contains compelling and engaging phrases. Colors of the website are coming from logo design.


Third step – Inserting data and information

Inserting data and information

We had to collect data about all coins (33), what we have on the website from whitepapers and developer communities. The result is simple profiles, where users can find an easy description of a coin and major cons and pros.


Delivery of the Project

Project Team

Technical implementation: Petr Sanetrník
Content creators: Martin Nasswettr, Petr Sanetrník

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