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How much does a website cost ? It is expensive or cheap ? how do I know that ? Probably everyone who wants to outsource the creation of their new resource site has asked these questions. Websites can be purchased for a few thousand or hundreds.

How much does the website cost? It is mainly a question that depends on the complexity of the project. The price ranges from $3,000 to $150,000. However, the price primary depends on the category and the quality you require.

How to choose the right price category for you and what range of services can you expect from the investment?

Before contacting the agency you should answer some of these important questions.

1. Are you clear about what function your web will perform for your company or project?   

2. Will your website be for sale or just for presentation?   

3. Do you need any internal systems on your website?

4. Do you have any special requirements for premium features or above standards?

5. Do you know your clients you would like to reach? If you know exactly what you are looking for. your finding approximate price of the project will be much easier.

There are a lot of companies (agencies) on the market or individuals (freelancers) who are involved in creating websites. sometimes it can be frustrating For a person who demands this service.

For better orientation in this website market will help you this article.

Price Levels of Web Design

Today companies or projects don’t seem to exist without a website.Web design can be divided into three main categories where you can see the level of quality.

What will it look like and how much will it cost if I have a project handled by a Low-cost, Middle class or High-end agency?

Low-cost Agency or Freelancer

How much does a low-cost website cost? This is usually for individuals that are not  running a business for example students.

Anyway, straight to the point. You should have an idea of ​​how your website should look like.

If you pick the option low-cost agencies or freelancers. The website will be complete within a few days or even hours.

One would think that sounds pretty good.

Unfortunately the reality is that this person will probably not be very interested in what motivates you to create a website. Nor value your goals that you want to achieved with your website. 

The work of low-cost agencies or freelancers is usually on a simple CMS system and some free template. Which is just set up and supplemented with content with the presentation you requested (very basic).

What to Watch Out For

The result will usually be very weak because with the time required to create a website for this amount of money, there is no room for SEO optimization, optimizing the loading speed of the website and other links that make the website run successfully (one of the main factors that revenues profit).

Often there will be no time to work on the web design and optimization of the textual form of the information being transmitted, not to mention.

Most likely you will have to worry about editing the site. In principle you have 1-2 revisions and any further adjustment will have a fee. Another disadvantage is that the website usually depends on one person, who is in full charge. Making it difficult to have access.

The price of websites in this price group is usually up to $3000.

however, you can be lucky with someone skilled. In most cases, from personal experience.  Nevertheless, don’t expect anything extra.

Most freelancers only work to fulfill your order as quickly as possible and go to the next one.  After this “work” we usually do redesign and then other activities such as editing texts and SEO optimization to make the website  look as close as the client expected in the first phase.

Offers of these lowcost freelancers can be found at Fiverr

Middle Class Wed Design

In this category, you should already receive a certain services throughout the execution of the order.

The result should have all your requirements with regard to the overall functionality of the website and the aesthetics of the design. The main advantage of this category is the quality and service which should be at a higher level than the low-cost category.

What are the services available ?

In this price category, there is clearly room for processing and setting up SEO optimization, loading speed optimization and website code optimization. These services fundamentally affect the overall user experience of web browsing and search engine rankings.

Part of this website service should be the creation of a subsequent long-term strategy with a focus on your business. As well, setting  up the  target clients.

At the same time, the agency should be able to offer you the creation of a suitable marketing strategy. These are methods by which, in addition to organic search, we will bring relevant users to your website.

For Your Information

Even here, it will always depend on the specific scope of work that needs to be done.

For example, if any small business will request our service on average we will spend up to 150 hours working on creating a corporate identity of the company and the content text.

 If we are contacted by a corporate client with several thousand employees with the request to create a website of 50 or more subpages including their SEO optimization developing. For this type of business a suitable marketing plan will take us on average 350 working hours plus our time meeting with the client.

The agency’s hourly rate for these jobs most often ranges from $100- $200.

 It is very difficult to summarize the corresponding amount. For example if we are redesigning a website we usually take care of the texts as well. In most cases this service is not offered by most agencies. This means that the time required is significantly higher.

 How much does a website costs is always on an individual assessment based on the complexity of a given project which is why there is such a large price variance.

Most companies that create websites are in the middle class price range. Unfortunately, there is a difference in what you can get from which agency. However, we also fall into this price category.

We always try to work for our clients the way we would like others to work for us.

You can read in our last article why we decided to operate mainly in this middle class category – Website creation – WebFusion vs. others.

The price of a middle class site is between $8,000 to $100,000.

High-end Agency

If you know that your website will need own internal database with unique functions. It is necessary to take into account the certain financial demands of such a project. Not only the financial but also the time required for such a high-end website.

We can expect flawlessly processed SEO and all marketing links. These agencies are really precise and usually do what they declared.

The final design of the website itself is not based on how much the designer likes it but rather directly from the point of view of the future website user. All designs are tested to find out what the user remembered when looking at the website first. Is very important where users click the most and whether all the information are clear, etc.…

This is already a higher level of web design and programming work. That is the reason why the price is high.

The price of a high-end class website ranges from $30,000 to $100,000’s +.


When someone ask me how much a website costs at Webfusion?

So I usually give the same answer as you will find here in the article. In general we are pleased that Webfusion has a place in the middle class web designing with all the demands on the work and services that a client would expect from a high-end agency.

We build most of our websites on solutions that we have tested for years and know what to expect from them. If demand comes, we are able to respond immediately thanks to our fine-tuned internal processes. We can bring the website to life in a relatively short time. Usually within one month of being requested.

 Website presentation for our clients always arises in the discussion between the client and the website consultant. They have an overview of what is happening not only in online business but also they are able to evaluate an objective view of the perspective ideas the clients desires after the discussion.

The purpose of WebFusion is to increase the overall level of web design in the world and help our clients move their business to the next level.

Petr Sanetrník

Petr má ve Webfusion na starost organizaci jako je nastavování procesů, vedení porad nebo určování strategických cílů do budoucna.