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Logo Design Tailored to Your Needs

The company logo is the basis of every company presentation. All visual elements in the company such as business cards, banners, forms and especially websites are based on the appearance of the logo.

Creating a logo is highly important it should be given time to create it. The colors and shapes that the logo defines are irreversibly linked to the overall company presentation. Making any changes to the logo is very complicated in the future.

Survey and First Draft

Before we start creating a logo, we always find out the maximum amount of information about your company or project. We make sure that the logo is compatible to use either alone or with a slogan.

We try to create logos with a thoughtful approach. For example, a small company will definitely not need a logo with complete elaborate logo manuals which by the way we also offer. We create quality logos that that are appropriate for each companies needs.

Of-course if you are already a big company or a startup with a vision to be part of the world markets. It is good to understand the creation of the logo comprehensively with complete logo manuals, studies, and with communication brand strategy.

Process Based on Experience

We will guide you through our proven logo creation process.


Initial Request

Tell us more about your project and how you imagine your new logo.

Creating a Quote

Based on a short analysis, we will create a price offer for the production of your new logo.

First Design

Based on the survey and your ideas, we will create the first logo design. We will always give you our honest recommendations.


We'll be waiting for your feedback on how satisfied you are with the suggestions, or what you would like to edit or change on the logo.

Source Files

After the final revisions, we will prepare source files for the graphic designers and printers.


You can immediately deploy your new logo on the web or create promotional items.
I Want a New Logo

From Logo to Corporate Identity

When creating a corporate identity, we use the information of the logo as based. At that moment the logo is key useful. We will prepare a basic graphic design and after we have a few discussions with you, we will select suitable presentation items that will perfectly present your company visually.

For a better idea, we will create a visual design of promotional items. After that we are able to provide you with complete production. You will receive the first visualizations of a business card, printing  and company clothing.

 Simple and Proven Process of Logo Design

At the last step we hand over the complete source files of all work. Thanks to this, you can constantly work with your logo or your corporate identity. Any graphic or printing studio can edit these files.

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