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Increase Your Sales Immediately

PPC marketing is one of the most widely used marketing tools on the Internet today. PPC = Pay Per Click. The advantage is that you don’t pay for someone to see you but you pay only when someone clicks on the advertisement. This makes advertising costs much more efficient for you. The great thing is that you can measure the results very accurately.

Precise Targeting and High Efficiency

Another advantage is that you are able to reach a large number of people at once. It is necessary to know how to set up a campaign and continuously optimize it based on the results to be effective. First and foremost, you must always choose the appropriate keywords on which to show your ad.

The most used systems for PPC advertising are Google Ads or Facebook. Today advertising is displayed on desktop computers, tablets or mobile phones. Is always a good idea to take this into account to adapt the campaign accordingly.

Process Based on Experience

 We will guide you through our proven PPC advertising process


Initial Request

Tell us more about your situation and how you would like to use PPC advertising on your project.

Survey and Analysis

We will look at the data and suggest if PPC advertising is the right promotion strategy.


We will create an exact bid with the recommended budget for your first PPC campaign.

Launch of a PPC Campaign

Based on a detailed survey, we will launch the first PPC campaign with a test budget.

Revision and Optimization

We will evaluate the first results of the PPC campaign and optimize for maximum efficiency.


We will regularly use the verified PPC campaign according to a pre-set online marketing strategy.
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Where is PPC Advertising Seen ?

You can find PPC advertising on the content and search networks. With Google you’ll find over two million websites, videos, and apps where your ad will appear. On the content network, you can set your ad targeting based on your context, audience and location.

The search network is a group of search-related sites where your ads can appear. When you advertising on the search network, the results may appear on other Google sites such as maps and purchases.

Purchase PPC Advertising

The purchase of PPC advertising takes place using an auction system. The higher your bid per click is, the better your chances of a better position for your ad. However, this does not mean that when you make the highest bid, the system will automatically assign you a better position. Position also depends on your ad’s Quality Score.

This score is used to determine the quality factors of the ad. Scores range from metrics like CTR  (Click Through Rate) to the quality of your site. When creating PPC advertising is important to emphasize quality of copywriting, banner design, and properly processed landing pages.

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